Friday, 6 May 2016

Little Top to Revive My Sewjo

All the moving is now over so I finally found a place for my fabric stock. It is far from properly stored as I would like to sort them out based on the type of fabric, colours etc. But I will concentrate on diminishing the stock first.

The funny thing with this top is that I have imagined it in a completely different fabric. Only when I got it out, I found out I was too far from having enough. So I went quickly back to my stash and found this fabric which I bought almost 2 years ago, originally as a lining as I considered it too much colourful and too red (yes, it can be too red, above all when you are at the end of a black-brown-grey winter period).
I even hesitated to use the wrong side which is much less punchy.

Anyhow, I am so glad I did not spend too much time thinking about it and just wanted to sew something because the top went together quickly, without any major issues (despite the slippery silk) and I must have finished it in like 2 evenings or so. So a big WIN!

The pattern is Burda 114-04/2016, so another positive point: sewing old stash with newly bought patterns. Seeing the pattern I did not do any modification, I just hoped for the best.

And voilà, it is the best…
French seams, invisible hems and one little snap which was not even necessary.

I did not follow the instructions much (had the French version of Burda and have quite difficulties to understand their vocabulary in French), and I admit I must have improvised on the end of the front slit :o)

The colour and the pattern are just so right for the sunny days which finally arrived…

Inspiration: Burda
Pattern: Burda 114-04/2016
Pattern changes: none, yes, none
Technique: French seams
Fabric: red flower silk
Time to Complete: 2 days
Total Cost: 16 EUR

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  1. what a lovely top! the colors are great on you and i love the little details - especially the back strap across the neckline. happy sewjo! :)