Saturday, 28 May 2016

Kay Unger Lawn Dress

This dress was actually a wearable muslin, but an extremely successful one, I dare say! So the original plan was to test Vogue 1270, Kay Unger dress, just to sew the pattern without the pleats (version lining, actually) to test the fit basically.

The point is that the more I went forward, the better the final result seemed. Ok, I need to admit that the fabric is little bit out of my comfort zone but I liked it a lot. It is a simple quilting cotton, so everything worked just so smoothly, it pressed like a dream and sewed even better. When sewing with silks, I always forget how easy and trouble-free sewing can be :o)

I like how simple things work well. I tweaked the fit little bit around the shoulders, but apart from that - no major issues. The pattern reminds me of NewLook 6968 which I admire all the time on Kristy's blog - over here. But this pattern is just desperately out of print and cannot be found anywhere. So hopefully, I have just found my basic dress pattern.

The dress is lined with fine white/cream silk. The lining was sewn in by machine, apart from the armscyes which were attached by hand. All the lining/fabric border is stabilized with running stitches. Many of the dress seams are also fixed with catching stitches, just for the calm of my mind.

I love this finish, it just looks so crispy and neat. And even if the lining might peak out, the colours match perfectly together.

The dress is also a part of my MMM challenge, so I one more good point, I am now ready to go with the original Kay Unger.

Inspiration: search for a basic dress pattern
Pattern: Vogue 1270 from Kay Unger
Pattern changes: shoulder tweaks
Technique: running stitches
Time to Complete: one week-end
Total Cost: 19 EUR

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